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Hebrew root words - parent roots dictionary

confidence certain importance 9⁄10 If you are reading this from the website it is probably going to be a bit uncomfortable to read. This is an export meant to be read in org-mode or as an anki deck. This is still work in progress. Hebrew root words - parent roots dictionary AB Front [latex] \texthebrew{אב} / abh [/latex] Back Stand / Tent Pole [latex] \texthebrew{אב} / abh [/latex]

How to create an anki deck using org-mode

Install anki Login Install the add-on on anki ( Ctrl + Shift + A Click: Get Add-ons Paste the code: 2055492159 Restart Anki On org-mode M-x anki-editor-mode Go to the org-mode file that has the deck you want to create M-x anki-editor-push-notes Publish See also: