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How to parse the Aleppo codex and analyze its content in python

These notes are part of the blog post I wrote in my quest of trying to learn Hebrew. Maybe you want to check that out first for proper context. Some important notes to keep in mind: I am applying literate programming for some lisp code that I write to maintain my Doom Emacs configuration. I am using pysword which is a wrapper in python around the Sword project. So I already have the bible modules correctly correctly installed on my computer.

Hebrew root words - parent roots dictionary

confidence certain importance 9⁄10 If you are reading this from the website it is probably going to be a bit uncomfortable to read. This is an export meant to be read in org-mode or as an anki deck. This is still work in progress. Hebrew root words - parent roots dictionary AB Front [latex] \texthebrew{אב} / abh [/latex] Back Stand / Tent Pole [latex] \texthebrew{אב} / abh [/latex]