New blog in Org Mode/Hugo and ox-hugo

Okay this is like my fifth attempt to blog and so far, unsuccessfully. My first couple of blogs were on blogspot around 2005 or so, later I switched to dokuwiki, which is awesome but it didn’t integrated well on my workflow. So I tried some extensions to try to write directly in markdown but it didn’t work well for me. Then I moved to Hyde, which a Python static website generator.

How to manually boot/recover a system with LUKS and LVM

I have been using LVM on top of LUKS for more than 2 years without problems. However since I haven’t had the chance to troubleshoot these technologies in the past I was quite concerned of what would happen when I would have problems. Today my main computer didn’t boot up and I had to fix it manually. This post shows the steps I performed to recover my system. I use Arch Linux and I prepared a repository with my custom install method based on archinstaller.

How to publish a GPG key via DNS

Publishing keys is quite common. One nice way to do so is by using the Public Key Association (PKA) DNS record. Basically this is a record that points to a file that can be downloaded over the internet. This method is an alternative (not exclusive) to using keyservers. One of the problems of keyservers (in my opinion), is the problem of deleting old keys. I pretty much like the idea of PGP keyserver which verifies periodically by sending an email if the address is still in use and therefore maintain that uid of the key.