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Exploring my [exo]brain

I really like working with graphs. I remember a project that I worked a while ago where I parsed the client requirements relationships into a graph and I could determine the priorities of modules development based on that. Good souvenirs. This original idea came from an analysis I did on my social networks out of curiosity and I could identify and find communities on graphs. Now I am using org-roam as my notes management app.

How to create an anki deck using org-mode

Install anki Login Install the add-on on anki ( Ctrl + Shift + A Click: Get Add-ons Paste the code: 2055492159 Restart Anki On org-mode M-x anki-editor-mode Go to the org-mode file that has the deck you want to create M-x anki-editor-push-notes Publish See also:

New blog in org-mode and Hugo

Okay this is like my fifth attempt to blog and so far, unsuccessfully. My first couple of blogs were on blogspot around 2005 or so, later I switched to dokuwiki, which is awesome but it didn’t integrated well on my workflow. So I tried some extensions to try to write directly in markdown but it didn’t work well for me. Then I moved to Hyde, which a Python static website generator.

How to use magit

certain/highly likely/likely/possible/unlikely/highly unlikely/remote/impossible

Merge and conflict resolution

  1. Merge with SPC g m and select the patch branch you want to merge
  2. Use SPC g r to call smerge transient state and use n and o accordingly if you want to …