About me

Albert De La Fuente Vigliotti

Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Albert. I don’t like to describe myself… If you landed here probably you can make your own picture of me. You will anyway…

I like Free Software, coding and distributed systems. My academic interests are: cloud computing, virtualization, optimization, swarm intelligence, artificial intelligence. Here are some of my publications.

I am very curious by nature and feel attracted to: math, music, languages, generative art, fractals, self-reliance, survival, beekeeping, photography… I love to read and learn new things, travel, solve problems and understand how things work.

I love languages but have a difficult time learning grammar and the “conventional way”. I am very curious about Hebrew, specially the early pictographic Hebrew. I believe in Yeshua, the Torah and the prophets. No, I am not jew.

I use Arch Linux, Emacs, Org-roam and Python as my EDC stack. I have shared some of my notes on the exobrain section.

My GPG key fingerprint is 5368 14BF 4871 A220. Feel free to send me an email to the address: mail at this domain

If you made it this far. Thanks for reading.