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Analyzing the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia with Text Fabric in Python

I am very curious about Hebrew, specially the way the language is hierarchically designed. Put very simply, three letter words are commonly known as trilateral roots and the rest of the words are variation of these three letters having a common root word and having related meaning somehow, thus creating a “family” if you will. I am not going to get into these details since it is not the scope of this post.

How to parse the Aleppo codex and analyze its content in python

These notes are part of the blog post I wrote in my quest of trying to learn Hebrew. Maybe you want to check that out first for proper context. Some important notes to keep in mind: I am applying literate programming for some lisp code that I write to maintain my Doom Emacs configuration. I am using pysword which is a wrapper in python around the Sword project. So I already have the bible modules correctly correctly installed on my computer.

Learning hebrew like a geek

The other day I was thinking about some practical way of learning hebrew, something dynamic that tickles my scientist curiosity. And I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if I could parse one of the hebrew codexes and get the top 20 most frequent words of a chapter or a book? Well this is an attempt to answer these type of questions. How? So I rolled my sleeves and I thought: I will google the Aleppo codex in plain text so I can download it and later use it for analysis.