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Book notes: Trading in the zone

I very much enjoyed this book. Awesome insights, but there is a bad news… Trading is too much correlated with self confidence and self mastery. I have personal issues with that at this time, so it is something I really need to improve. For that very same reason I will continue on my previous research on algorithmic trading for the time being. Objectives To prove that the solution is not better analysis Attitude and state of mind = results Provide the right attitudes = think in probabilities Address conflicts in the way of thinking Integrate this way of thinking in a functional level I am a consistent winner because: (7 must have to be a consistent winner) I objectively identify my edges I pre-define the risk of every trade I completely accept the risk, or let go the trade I act on my edges without hesitation I pay myself as the market makes money available to me I continue to monitor my susceptibility to make errors (being aware) I never violate these principles