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Exploring my [exo]brain

I really like working with graphs. I remember a project that I worked a while ago where I parsed the client requirements relationships into a graph and I could determine the priorities of modules development based on that. Good souvenirs. This original idea came from an analysis I did on my social networks out of curiosity and I could identify and find communities on graphs. Now I am using org-roam as my notes management app.

Finding communities on graphs

Some months before I had to import a quite big list of use cases, relationships and requirements data into Enterprise Architect for a project. Of course I didn’t do that manually, so I made a hack to do that automatically. Recently I had a new task to accomplish, to split into groups that use case list by their relationships, and once again I thought about doing it automatically since I already have the data structures available and then, I decided: let’s play a little bit with the data 8-).

Software patents

Recently I’ve been to a talk given by Richard Stallman about how software patents are useless for the software industry. Since software is applied mathematics and, it generally needs to combine several ideas to make a new one, by doing that you could easily infringe a software patent by using one (or more) of the patented ideas. He commented that patents are like walking in a mine field, but worst because a mine ones it blows up it doesn’t blows again, patents keeps blowing on and on.