Book notes: Can't hurt me by David Goggins

Albert De La Fuente Vigliotti

High level summary #

  • Nothing can stop someone who don’t allow to be stopped
  • The accountability mirror concept
  • The cookie jar concept: split bigger objective into smaller ones and each achievement will be a cookie
  • The 40%/60% rule: When you cannot take it anymore, you are at your 40%, you still have a lot to go…
  • Battle against yourself, not against others
  • It is a life-long mindset, not just a race
  • Push your limits in small percentages, maybe 10% each week of your previous limit
  • Stretching is very important. Not doing it got him almost out of game
  • Mindset: What if I can succeed at that task? What if I can prove everyone else wrong?

Challenge 1 #

  • What kind of bullshit did you contend with growing up? (beaten, abused, bullied)
  • Do you feel insecure?
  • Maybe your limiting factor is that you grew up more supported and comfortable than what you think, you never pushed yourself.

  • Write/journal all te factors tat are limiting your success. Is soeone stading in your way? Are you underappreciated and overlooked for opportunities?

  • What are the long odds you are up against now? Are you standing in your own way?

  • Show your dirty laundry in detail. Tell your story in full.

  • Give your pain shape. Absorb its power, you want to flip that sit.

Challenge 2 #

  • Write all your insecurities, dreams, and goals on post-its and tag up your accountability mirror
  • Whatever you need also: education, workouts
  • Own being fucking fat, it is okay to be unkind wit yourself
  • Take goals and divide it into steps, write each step point of self-improvement as its own note.
    • example: Lose 40 pounds. Split into lose 2 pounds on te first week. Once achieved, remove tat note and post the next goal, of 2 to 5 pounds until te goal is realized.
  • Hold yourself accountable for that small step. It will take dedication and self-discipline

Challenge 3 #

  • Step out of the comfort zone regularly
  • Write the things taht make you uncomfortable
  • Go and do them, again, and again
  • Make something that sucks every day (bed, dishes, ironing, getting up early, running 2 miles, etc)
  • Once it becomes comfortable, increase the discomfort
  • Focus on your weaknesses, not your strengths
  • The more uncomfortable, the stronger you’ll become