How to use dictd with hebrew dictionaries

Albert De La Fuente Vigliotti

How to use dictd #

Install #

pacaur -S dictd
pacaur -S dict-wn dict-wikt-en-all
pacaur -S goldendict

cat /etc/dict/dictd.conf

sudo systemctl start dictd
sudo systemctl status dictd

Test #

dict -d wikt-en-all free
dict -I

Add the following lines to /etc/dict/dictd.conf #

database waldstein-he-eng {
	data	/usr/share/dictd/
	index	/usr/share/dictd/waldstein-he-eng.index

database wiktionary-he-eng {
	data	/usr/share/dictd/
	index	/usr/share/dictd/wiktionary-he-eng.index

database wordnet-he-eng {
	data	/usr/share/dictd/
	index	/usr/share/dictd/wordnet-he-eng.index

Copy the hebrew dict files #

The following files have been taken from source rpm file. Download it and unpack it, then:

sudo mkdir /usr/share/dictd
sudo cp waldstein-he-eng.* /usr/share/dictd/
sudo cp wordnet-he-eng.* /usr/share/dictd/
sudo cp wiktionary-he-eng.* /usr/share/dictd/
sudo systemctl restart dictd

Test with Hebrew #

dict שלום

Goldendict configuration #

Next steps #

  • Install dictionary.el on emacs to integrate with local dictd
  • Create local databases with bible words:
    • Hebrew strongs
    • Jeff Benner’s dict, etc