About me

Albert De La Fuente Vigliotti

Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Albert. I don’t like to describe myself… If you landed here probably you can make your own picture of myself. You will anyway…

I like Free Software, coding and distributed systems. My academic interests are: cloud computing, virtualization, optimization, swarm intelligence, artificial intelligence. Here are some of my publications.

I also have interest and curiosity in other fields like: music, languages, archaeology, self-reliance, survival, agro-ecology, beekeeping. I am very curious by nature.

I am honored and humbled to be a polyglot. I speak English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. I understand some basic Italian. I am striving to learn Hebrew (not an easy task), I am particularly interested in Proto-Sinaitic Hebrew. I also would like to learn Morse code.

Among my hobbies and likes are: reading, music, traveling (removed due to recent events), math, solving problems, to understand how things work and photography.

I heavily prefer Linux based OS. Currently I use Arch Linux as my desktop distro of choice. I take lots and lots of notes, it is part of my way of thinking. I have an exobrain with +9K nodes. A little few are shared on the exobrain section.

I had the pleasure to meet very interesting minds like: The Linux kernel creator Linus Torvalds (at a LinuxCon in 2011). The GNU project creator Richard Stallman. One of the authors of the book Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software, Ralph Johnson; among others.

I am more than privileged to be a believer in YHWH Elohim, the Eternal Torah as His Word and Yeshua the Messiah as The Example to follow. I do not follow judaism nor christianity practices nor man made traditions. I am just interested in following THE WAY.

My GPG key fingerprint is 5368 14BF 4871 A220. Feel free to send me an email to the address: mail at this domain

I think that is enough for a description. If you made it here, thanks for reading.