Configuring Pacserve and Powerpill on Arch Linux

On this post I will show how to configure and use Pacserve and Powerpill on Arch Linux. On a network of several Arch Linux boxes, it is possible to configure a Master server which will hold a copy of all the installed packages within that host and keep it up to date frequently. The other hosts on the network can be configured as Slaves and they will download the packages from the Master whenever possible instead of the Internet directly.

Finding communities on graphs

Some months before I had to import a quite big list of use cases, relationships and requirements data into Enterprise Architect for a project. Of course I didn’t do that manually, so I made a hack to do that automatically. Recently I had a new task to accomplish, to split into groups that use case list by their relationships, and once again I thought about doing it automatically since I already have the data structures available and then, I decided: let’s play a little bit with the data 8-).

Software patents

Recently I’ve been to a talk given by Richard Stallman about how software patents are useless for the software industry. Since software is applied mathematics and, it generally needs to combine several ideas to make a new one, by doing that you could easily infringe a software patent by using one (or more) of the patented ideas. He commented that patents are like walking in a mine field, but worst because a mine ones it blows up it doesn’t blows again, patents keeps blowing on and on.